Credit without spouse – Loan without a spouse can help.

Those who work and have their own income are predestined for a loan. At least that’s what many loan seekers think. But it’s not that simple. If borrowers are married, the bank will usually require the signature of the partner. She therefore has two salaries to secure loans. If there is a loss of installments, the partner is obliged to continue paying the loan. So the concerns of the banks. But sometimes a loan without a spouse is necessary. You want to surprise him with something very special for an anniversary or you want to fulfill a long-cherished wish yourself. 

Credit without a spouse’s signature – the prospects

Credit without a spouse

If a loan application is made without the partner’s signature, the bank checks whether the loan seeker also meets the requirements for a loan. That is sufficient income, clean Credit Bureau and permanent employment. These criteria are required by all banks. If the spouse can do all of this, a loan is also approved. However, the bank will ask for the partner’s signature.

The advertising that can be read everywhere reports on the so-called housewife loans or small loans today. Loans are offered that are approved without the partner’s signature. However, this will only be small amounts of credit that can also be paid as part of normal household financing. A loan without a spouse can also make sense if one partner has a negative entry in Credit Bureau that could result in a loan refusal. Based on this, the situation is, a loan can be taken out without a spouse if the other partner’s finances are somewhat bumpy.

In general, there are not that many banks that grant loans without a spouse. Tax assessment plays a role here and requires the signature of both spouses. Donors see additional security here because they have two borrowers to secure the loan. If one partner can no longer pay, the other is held responsible. Banks assume that both partners have monthly income that is responsible for repaying the loan.

But in times when a large number of women pursue their profession despite having a family and therefore also want a loan without a spouse, the banks have campaigned for the loan without a spouse. The demand for these loans is increasing and banks want to revitalize their business. Experience has shown that house banks, i.e. branch banks, are bound by their conservative stance. One way can be found on the Internet to find a loan.

There are some providers who do not want a signature from their partner. If the requirements are met, no second applicant has to go into the loan agreement. One of the prerequisites for a loan without a spouse is, of course, the sufficiently high and regular income from a self-employed activity. The employment contract must not be limited or terminated. A possible trial period also does not count. In addition, the Credit Bureau must be free of negative entries. If negative entries are noted in the Credit Bureau, the loan is usually rejected.

The unemployed, self-employed and students have the same fate. The unemployed receive state benefits that cannot be seized. The self-employed have no stable income and the student mostly only receives State funding. Of course, there are also banks for freelancers or the self-employed. But here the credit check is so complex that many providers decline. A self-employed person can get a loan if the spouse who is working also signs the loan agreement.

The possibilities and conditions

The possibilities and conditions

Banks want collateral for a loan. It is the same with a loan without the spouse’s signature. If the loan is to be approved, it must have an excellent credit rating, as mentioned before. This can come from a generous income, but also from employment in the public service or civil servant status. There are many reasons for a loan without a spouse.

There is your own wish fulfillment, a bigger gift for the partner. The loan without a partner can also be required if the partner does not exist, for example because he has died or because he refuses to sign the loan agreement. Even if the spouse has entries in the Credit Bureau and does not have sufficient creditworthiness, a loan without a spouse can make the entire financing unnecessary.

If the loan without a partner is a smaller loan amount, approval of the loan is more likely. The partner’s signature is often completely dispensed with, for example, when it comes to a loan amount of 5,000 dollars. If a large loan amount is required, the loan must be signed by both spouses, often other collateral is then also required. Since an extensive credit check then has to be carried out, quick online loans are out of the question.



Before applying for a loan, it is advisable to draw up a budget. This shows whether the borrower can pay a loan at all. All income and expenses must be listed exactly. If the bottom line is a plus, that’s a positive sign. The customer should also know that they have to be of legal age for a loan.

Before deciding on a lender, a loan comparison should be carried out. By specifying a few key data, a favorable offer can be ensured. The borrower should not only pay attention to the effective annual interest rate but also whether free special repayments are allowed. Many customers receive special payments such as bonuses or Christmas or holiday bonuses to be paid on the loan every year. If no special agreements of this type are provided, the bank can calculate a prepayment penalty in the event of early repayment of a loan. This does not come into play if special payments are allowed.

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